Our destiny lies above us

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Samstag, 25. Juni 2016

Beginn: 18.00 Uhr

Ende: 20.00 Uhr



Ort: MESSEKH, Welscher Belchen



17.45 Uhr

Treffpunkt: Gipfel



A war, long and fierce, engulfed the planet; brother amassed

   against brother.

There was death and destruction both north and south.

For many circuits desolation reigned the land; all life was


Then a truce was declared; then peacemaking was conducted.

Let the nations be united, the emmissaries said to one another:

Let there be one throne on Nibiru, one king to reign over all.

Let a leader from north or from south by lot be chosen, one king

   supreme to be.

If he be from north, let south choose a female to be his spouse as

   equal queen to reign alongside. - Zecharia SITCHIN: The Lost Book of Enki



MESSEKH 2016-06-25

-18h38m35s CEST

Welscher Belchen → 'Ox Drove/Wylye' → Alcyone: 303.13°az

-19h30m12s CEST

Welscher Belchen → Wounded Knee → Alcyone: 312.75°az

-19h33m31s CEST

Welscher Belchen → Oraibi → Alcyone: 313.01°az


→ Ritus

Hans ZIMMER: Our Destiny Lies Above Us - (Monocherry Remix)


Filmed by Ken THORNTON

ThunderBeing films 

YouTube channel 'Prime Light'