The Watch - That's It



St Pilon Chapel, La Sainte-Baume

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Montag, 4. Juli 2016

Beginn: 12.00 Uhr

Ende: 14.00 Uhr



11.45 Uhr

Treffpunkt: Breisacher Münster, Außenkrypta



"It's gravity."

Don't you get it yet, TARS?

I brought myself here!

We're here to communicate

   with the three-dimensional world.

We're the bridge!

I thought they chose me.

- But they didn't choose me, they chose her.

   - For what, Cooper?

To save the world.

All of this is one little girl's bedroom.

   Every moment.

It's infinitely complex.

They have access to infinite time and space,

   but they're not bound by anything!

They can't find a specific place in time.

   They can't communicate.

That's why I'm here.

   I'm gonna find a way to tell Murph...

just like I found this moment.

- How, Cooper?

   - Love, TARS, love.

It's just like Brand said. My connection

   with Murph, it is quantifiable. It's the key!

What are we here to do?

Find how to tell her.

The watch.




The watch.

That's it.

We code the data into the movement

   of the second hand.

TARS, translate the data into Morse

   and feed it to me.

Translating data to Morse.

   Cooper, what if she never came back for it?

She will. She will.

Murph, I can see his car!

He's coming, Murph!

Okay. I'm coming down.

How do you know?

Because I gave it to her.

Roger. Morse is dot-dot-dash-dot.






Dash, dash, dash.

He came back!

It was him all the time!

I didn't know. It was him!

Dad's gonna save us.


It's traditional.


Did it work?

I think it might have.

How do you know?

Because the bulk beings

   are closing the tesseract.

Don't you get it yet, TARS?

They're not "beings."

They're us.

What I've been doing for Murph,

   they're doing for me.

For all of us.

Cooper, people couldn't build this.

No. No, not yet.

But ist.

Not you and me. But people.

A civilization that's evolved past

   the four dimensions we know.

What happens now?



BARM 2016-07-04-12h22m23s CEST

Breisach Minster: plumbline - Ecliptic Pole - Galactic Center

-11h56m21s BST

'Blackwood, nr Popham, Hampshire - 2016-06-27' → La Sainte-Baume grotto → Venus


2016-08-22-12h21m37s CEST

Saint Pilon La Sainte-Baume → Mont Blanc → Baden Belchen → Ecliptic Pole

-17h45m06s BST

Glastonbury Tor → St Pilon → Galactic Center


'Blackwood, nr Popham, Hampshire - 2016-06-27' → La Sainte-Baume grotto → Galactic Center


→ Ritus










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