Cordi Sacro Regis Christi

Foto: Adrian Wirz 'Die Nebelwelle auf der Belchenfluh'
Foto: Adrian Wirz 'Die Nebelwelle auf der Belchenfluh'



Belchenflue, Eptingen

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Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Beginn: 8.45 Uhr

Ende: 11.00 Uhr



8.15 Uhr

Treffpunkt: Parkplatz



Thou dost appear beautiful

On the horizon of heaven

Oh, living Aten

He who was the first to live

When thou hast risen on the Eastern Horizon

   Thou art fair, great, dazzling,

High above every land

Thy rays encompass the land

To the very end of all thou hast made

All the beasts are satisfied with their pasture

   Trees and plants are verdant

Birds fly from their nests, wings spread

   Flocks skip with their feet

All that fly and alight

Live when thou hast arisen

How manifold is that which thou

   hast made Thou sole God

There is no other like thee

Thou didst create the earth

According to thy will

Being alone, everything on earth

Which walks and flies on high

Thy rays nourish the fields

When thou dost rise

They live and thrive for thee

Thou makest the seasons to nourish

All thou hast made

The winter to cool

The heat that they may taste thee

   There is no other that knows thee

   Save thy son, Akhnaten

For thou hast made him skilled

In thy plans and thy might

Thou dost raise him up for thy son

   Who comes forth from thyself




Oh Lord, how manifold are Thy works

In wisdom hast Thou made them all

The earth is full of Thy riches

Who coverest Thyself with light

   as with a garment

Who stretchest out the Heavens

   like a curtain Thou makest darkness

   and it is night

Wherin all the beasts of the forest do creep forth

Ma rab-bu ma-a-se-kha ha-shem

Ku-lam be-khokh-ma a-sita

Ma-le-a ha-a-rets kin-ya-ne-kha

O-te or ka-sal-ma

No-te sha-ma-yim ka-yi-ri-a

Ta-shet kho-shekh vi-hi lay-la

Bo tir-mis kol khay-to ya-ar

ESRAEL 2017-02-16-08h58m45s CET

Belchenflue: SE (123.93°az) analogue to the moon phase (of the year)


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