Rosary on the Borders


2017-10-07 by By Joanna Berendt

and Megan Specia







Polish Catholics Gather at Border for Vast Rosary Prayer Event 


WARSAW, Poland — Polish Catholics clutching rosary beads gathered at locations along the country’s 2,000-mile border on Saturday for a mass demonstration during which they prayed for salvation for Poland and the world.


Many participants described it as demonstration against what they see as the secularization of the country and the spread of Islam’s influence in Europe. (...)


Organizers noted that in the battle, “the Catholic fleet defeated the much larger Muslim fleet, saving Europe from Islam.”


“Rosary at the Borders” took place in 320 churches near Poland’s border and 4,000 so-called prayer zones, including the biggest international airport in Poland, a nation moving increasingly to the right. (...)



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